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River Business ® the leading specialist in comprehensive procurement solutions. Transformation business leaders partner with River Business to drive sustainable changes to their cost structures and achieve the highest standards of procurement excellence – on an accelerated basis. Our built-out Specialized Procurement Infrastructure integrates with your business to optimize spending and deliver real savings that equal a margin point or more.

Accelerate savings and transformation through our Specialized Procurement Infrastructure

The complex nature of indirect goods and services – involving hundreds of unique supply markets – and the highly fragmented way in which they are purchased, make managing this spend an incessant challenge. Understandably, most companies have focused their procurement investments on their core commodities and don’t have the deep expertise, market intelligence and specialized technologies across the array of categories and processes needed to optimize this spend. As a result, more than a margin point is left on the table.

As procurement specialists, we saw the need for an infrastructure dedicated to optimizing all indirect and other under-resourced areas of spend on a global basis. By injecting supply-market intelligence into end-to-end processes, that are integrated through specialized technology, this infrastructure would inform spending strategies, deliver real savings and fuel growth. When we couldn’t find it, we built it. The result? Our Specialized Procurement Infrastructure, a proven approach that is being deployed by innovative leaders to transform procurement and achieve and sustain a margin point or more on an accelerated basis.

Our solutions and infrastructure are adapted to meet your specific needs

We flex and adapt our Specialized Procurement Infrastructure to meet your specific objectives and needs. You can leverage our comprehensive solution to manage all of your spend, or choose a targeted solution to address specific category and spend management opportunities. Once we define the right solution for you, we integrate and link with your organization – giving you easy access to the capabilities you need to take procurement to new levels of excellence.

  • What we do

    RB® specialist in comprehensive procurement solutions

    Transformation business leaders partner with River Business to drive sustainable changes to their cost structures and achieve the [...]

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    A proven source of value for the new supply chain

    River Business® enables you to rapidly transform your indirect and other under-resourced areas of spend into a source of sustainable savings [...]

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    Accelerate your journey toward The New Procurement

    River Business® helps procurement leaders influence more spend, deliver greater verified savings and enable strategic business imperatives [...]

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Quality standards

High quality services - All of Equipment sold and manufactured comes with all the necessary certification

All of our Partners and Suppliers line of Drilling, Workover and Well-Servicing equipment meet all industry standard established by American Petroleum Institute (API) and the International Standard Organization (ISO). Dedicated expertise and specialized tools help manage consumption, reduce environmental impact and waste, and meet supplier diversity goals while optimizing budgets.

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