Accelerate your journey toward The New Procurement. River Business ® helps procurement leaders influence more spend, deliver greater verified savings and enable strategic business imperatives.

Procurement executives and their teams are caught in a squeeze. Business executives are demanding more savings than ever at a time when commodity prices are continuing to increase. And although these procurement professionals know that savings opportunities exist within their indirect spend areas, they don’t have the specialized resources to fully capture them. The complex nature of indirect goods and services – involving hundreds of unique supply markets – and the highly fragmented way in which they are purchased, requires deep category experts and market intelligence, a highly integrated process and specialized technologies. Building this kind of infrastructure takes years and obtaining funds to do so can take even longer.

River Business Experience and Capabilities

This is why Procurement leaders are partnering with River Business to gain immediate access to a Specialized Procurement Infrastructure that is proven and working for dozens of companies. This infrastructure can be leveraged to meet your specific needs in under- resourced areas of spend, and tightly integrates with your business to help you deliver new levels of savings and value on an accelerated basis.

We’ve spent over a decade building and advancing a Specialized Procurement Infrastructure that gives you immediate access to:

  • Over 600 dedicated supply-market specialists who concentrate in areas such as sourcing, contracting, purchasing, supplier management and continuous cost innovation. These specialists work with you and collaborate with each other to help you achieve a higher level of impact.

  • Real-time, ground-level intelligence on supply markets, prices and costs, supplier capabilities, best in-class contract terms and spending and savings benchmarks. This intelligence comes from conducting thousands of sourcing events and engaging in tens of thousands of supplier interactions each year.

  • Comprehensive, integrated spend management processes tailored for each category.

  • Specialized technology that integrates expertise and activities across the globe and give you a clear, continuous view of program and project progress, spend, savings and compliance results, and additional areas of opportunity.

Our infrastructure and experts will help you influence more spend, bring more strategic value to stakeholders and deliver verified savings of a margin point or more.

Putting River Business to work for you

To guide your transformation and ensure that our infrastructure is maximized to meet your goals and objectives, our dedicated team of transformation and program management specialists:

  • Works closely with you and your business stakeholders to define your roadmap to The New Procurement

  • Configures our Specialized Procurement Infrastructure to meet your unique business needs and integrates it seamlessly into your processes, technology, and culture

  • Helps you deploy our proven procurement-tailored change management and communication methodologies and achieve the optimal level of executive and category stakeholder engagement and sponsorship

  • Monitors progress against your goals, coordinates our category and purchasing specialists, and provides detailed performance reporting on savings realized, client satisfaction and process effectiveness

River Business specialists work with you and your business stakeholders to develop strategies that enhance the business impact of your indirect spend by:

  • Assessing current and historical spend patterns, pricing and market trends to rapidly create and deploy sub-category strategies

  • Combining detailed, highly specialized cost models with our multi-client experience to identify suppliers and negotiate favorable pricing and terms

  • Implementing effective supplier agreements to ensure that buyers know how to buy and suppliers can meet your requirements

  • Applying best-in-class contract terms and conditions to execute favorable agreements that balance price, risk and service levels

  • Deploying purchasing specialists to redirect requisitions to preferred suppliers, audit price increases and track non-compliance

  • Continually driving cost innovations by monitoring market movements and best-in-class service levels, managing demand and optimizing supplier capabilities to meet your needs
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    River Business® helps procurement leaders influence more spend, deliver greater verified savings and enable strategic business imperatives [...]

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All of our Partners and Suppliers line of Drilling, Workover and Well-Servicing equipment meet all industry standard established by American Petroleum Institute (API) and the International Standard Organization (ISO). Dedicated expertise and specialized tools help manage consumption, reduce environmental impact and waste, and meet supplier diversity goals while optimizing budgets.

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